Top Reasons to Use an Estate Agent to Sell your Home

Have you ever wondered why the vast majority of homeowners prefer to sell property fast on the open market with the help of an estate agent? Well, there are many reasons for selling your property through an estate agent that outweigh the estate agent fees that you will pay.

webuyanyhouse_2951That is, while you will have to pay the estate agent fees, working with an estate agent is more valuable. Here are some top benefits of using estate agents to sell your property:

  • Estate agents have good knowledge of the local market – By engaging an estate agent you will benefit from their knowledge of their local market. The agent’s knowledge of your locality, the type of properties that are within the area coupled with the potential demand will allow them to realistically and accurately value the property for sale. Thus, they are able to clearly explain why your property should sell for a given value as well as the type of buyers that would be interested in purchasing it. Most importantly, they will also have a good understanding of how to not only present but also promote the property to a given target market.
  • They have access to a database of potential buyers – It is not uncommon to find estate agents who have a database of potential buyers of property. Consequently, they will take a shorter period to identify a buyer as all they have to do is check that there are buyers that are searching for property to buy and have listed their criteria with the agent hence are available to view and buy immediately.
  • You can take advantage of their marketing power and expertise – It is unlikely that some organisation is able to market your property the way an estate agent would obviously because of their networks. Estate agents are known to invest heavily in maximising the potential of their reach effectively giving you the best opportunity of finding the right buyer for your property and for the best price possible. Some of the advertising and marketing channels that the agent can leverage include the for sale board, the internet mainly online property portals, through the post, their local branch, national and local magazines and newspapers as well as mobile phone alerts. Thus, estate agents have the capacity to ensure that you property is visible by the right buyers and wherever they are.
  • Estate agents will conduct and manage viewings – One of the deliverable that is included in the estate agent contract is managing and conducting viewings. That is, they will be a liaison between you and potential buyers to arrange for viewings for the property that is on sale. Thus, they will not only be present but also be on hand to respond to any questions that will be raised by the prospective buyers. They will then give you an update on the process as well as any other useful feedback.
  • Guidance and advice – Estate agents will also offer you advice in the event that any problems and difficulties arise in the course of the selling process. They will also guide you on ways to overcome any obstacles that may be hindering the quick sale of your property.
  • Managing the sales process – The process of selling property can be complex if you do not understand it to well. Thus, by engaging an estate agent, they will regularly check up and down the property chain and together with solicitors, ensure that everything is on course. Estate agents will manage the process in the way you are comfortable with effectively eliminating all the strains and stresses that you would have had to shoulder.
  • Negotiate with the buyer of your behalf – One of the advantages of working with an estate agent is that you will not have to go through the negotiation process with the buyer that can sometimes be embarrassing and awkward, as they will do it for you. The estate agent is always well equipped to get the best deals on your behalf.

Ultimately, the role of the estate agent in the sale of your property cannot be underestimated because they shoulder nearly every responsibility to ensure that you have a successful sale within the shortest time possible and at a good price.